Girl Empowered (GE)

GE focuses on empowering and providing opportunities for girls in Africa to acknowledge their true potential. The essential goal is to encourage girls to not be afraid to challenge themselves in learning new skills, enriching hidden talents and using their voice to impact their lives and that of others. In a generation where society tends to label girls, it is common for many girls to allow the 'labels' of society take control of their lives and lead to low self-esteem and other self debilitating factors.



Our vision is to provide a world of equal opportunities for girls in education, technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and other avenues.  

Through advocacy, funding resources, life skill training, and education, GE can help in the reduction of teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and empower girls to acknowledge their self-worth and break the cycle of gender violence, stigmatization, and poverty and  in Africa.

Girls Life-Skill Training

GE works with socially excluded girls in countries where war and conflict have devastated lives and communities. Girls who enroll in our Life-Skill Program learn life and job skills and receive business training so they can continuously earn a living. They are empowered to become leaders and teach others the necessary skills to be self-reliance.

Cause/Call for Action

High unemployment, economic recession, poverty, repression of civil liberties and the threat of civil unrest will continue to be the reality for most young girls in Africa

During a visit to Sierra Leone in June 2009, our founder noted that “it killed me to see strong, beautiful and intelligent young women waste away without an education and thus limiting their access to a wide range of possibilities.”  Many of these women were young teenage mothers who lacked appropriate resources of obtaining an education.Those who had resources  lacked the determination of standing on their own.

Solving the Problem

Solving the problem entails leading girls to otherwise inaccessible portals such as access to education and varying industries.  This will contribute to longer-term empowerment through education and income generation.