Thread of Hope

In many underdeveloped countries like Sierra Leone, most of girls need inspiration and self-esteem boosting so that they can gain the confidence they need to utilize their hidden potential. Many problems limit their growth and opportunity for a better life: poverty, inadequate educational resources, and antiquated gender beliefs are among the most debilitating. Thread of Hope, a tailoring atelier, is our first income generating activity, aimed to not only to build the sustainability of our projects in Sierra Leone, but to enable the female employees of the business to support themselves and their families with the money they earn. Currently, Thread of Hope supports five women. Our head tailor Jeneba is from Fourah Bay and she will lead four women from various areas to obtain their certifications and work as employee to find Hope in the Thread.

Our future goal is not only to support more vulnerable women to gain skills, knowledge and an opportunity for economic independence, but to foster leadership skills, empowerment, and gender equality.